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Our advisory services focus on providing quick expert advises for micro and small business owners to solve their complex business problems and add value to their customers, people and investors.Our business advisory team develops and offers tailored and comprehensive solutions regarding a range of issues related to sales & marketing, management & execution, system & process, operation efficiency, people & performance, customer experience, strategy and purpose for micro and small businesses.

In addition to this, we also offer small business professionalizing and restructuring advisory services, forecasting and modeling and offer analysis based on research and facts is given to the client.

Through Advisory Services, we enable Micro & Small Business Leaders to understand the current business complexities, acquire the skills to address them, take the business to greater heights and meet future challenges.

How we work with clients

We partner with micro & small business owners to build their capabilities to build a profitable and scalable business. We act as process guides for our clients to explore what is possible, design approaches that will successfully achieve outcomes, and navigate through the complexities of implementation


Our approach to working with clients begins with understanding the outcomes the individual, group, or organization hopes to achieve, and then exploring possibilities to achieve those outcomes. We have found that shaping the conversation around possibilities helps our clients push through barriers and create faster, more lasting change.


We co-create solutions with our clients to achieve the outcomes defined during the “Explore” phase. This means that we bring the tools and processes and mine the organization’s rich knowledge to develop business solutions that are implementable and sustainable.


In our approach to Advisory, we frame “implementation” as “navigation.” We work with our clients to address challenges that arise, remaining flexible and open to adjusting course. Our approaches are grounded in learning and collaboration, which enables us to provide solutions that create value and move organizations forward.

How White Roots Can Help

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Sales & Marketing

Management & Execution

People & Performance

Customer Experience

System & Process

Strategy & Purpose

Operation Efficiency

Professionalizing and Restructuring Small Businesses

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